Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Minutes of Security Programme SS2 Utara, Sub-sector D Meeting with Residents 7/09

Minutes of Security Programme SS2 Utara, Sub-sector D Meeting with
Residents 7/09
Date / Day: 29 November, 2009 / Sunday
Time: 3pm
Venue: Blossom Deli Café, Jalan SS2/103
In attendance: Bobby Chan (Chairman), Teh Lai Hock, Yap Wei Aun, Lilian Khor
and SS2D residents (approximately 30).

The Meeting commenced at 3.05pm.
Several questions were thrown to the Committee as the residents wanted to
know more about the security programme. There were also suggestions from
residents based on their observations of the security schemes in neighbouring
housing estates.

The questions and / or suggestions fielded by the residents and the responses /
information given by the Committee are as follows:

1. Resident: What are the types of security services provided?

Committee: This will depend on the number of participants and hence the
amount of funds collected. If there were 150 participants,
the security company will provide only patrolling service but, if
there were 300 participants, the company will also provide static
guards at selected entry points in addition to the patrols.
The security company has its own hotline number that residents can call in case of an emergency.

2. Resident: How long is the contract with the security company?
Committee: This has yet to be discussed.

3. A suggestion was raised by a resident based on his / her observation of what
was being done at Ara Damansara, where pots or plants, instead of barrels, are
being used as blockades. The start-up cost is RM600 which is considered to be
too high. A minimal approach is preferred at the moment.
The residents were told that in our security programme, the roads will be blocked
in stages.

4. A resident also wanted to know whether the ADUN could provide some funds.

5. The gate at the back of the Bomba, along Jalan SS2/96 could be closed.

6. As to the question on whether Jalan SS2/2 would be turned into a one-way
street, the response was that the RA Chairman was looking into that with the
MBPJ. However, the outcome is yet to be known.

The Meeting adjourned at 3.58 pm


Blogger U5 said...

the barriers out up at ss2/106 are ridiculous. the oil drums are a nuisance as they cause extreme inconvenience to vehicles as they have to zig zag through them. It Stupid and retarded. and there is no way it can prevent any thefts

April 13, 2010 at 8:53 PM  
Blogger U5 said...

there doesnt even need to be any study or research to prove the stupidity of the barriers at 106 as they serve no purpose besides being a nuisance. REMOVE THEM!
any calls to the security company is always answered with rudeness. what kind of security company is running the "so called gated community" when u get barbaric responses

April 13, 2010 at 8:55 PM  
Blogger U5 said...


April 16, 2010 at 9:08 PM  

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